Zoltán L. Németh – How to exploit the DNSmasq vulnerabilities?

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Zoltán L. Németh - How to exploit the DNSmasq vulnerabilities?

When a vulnerability is found, it is always an interesting question whether and how can it be exploited. In this talk we take the Dnsmasq vulnerabilities as examples, and show how some of the proof of concept codes published by Google can be extended to real exploits which give the attacker reverse shell connections. During the course, we also see how the main memory protection mechanisms like No-Execute bit (NX), Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Stack Canaries work.
Furthermore, we discuss and (with the exception of the Stack Canaries) demonstrate how to bypass these protections in a 64-bit Linux environment.

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Zulifikar Ramzan, chief scientist in Sourcefire’s Cloud Technology Group, leads our Chalk Talks videos. For more Chalk Talks, go to: cheatsforwordcookies.com/www.sourcefire.com/chalktalks. This video describes, at a high level, what web exploit toolkits are. Examples of such kits include Blackhole, Cool, Pheonix, Nuclear, Sweet Orange, DoubleSemi , Redkit/Siberia; older kits include MPack, IcePack, FirePack, and 0x88. These kits are used to drop malware such as Bamital, Cridex, ZeroAccess, and Zeus onto the systems of unsuspecting victims by exploiting web browser and web browser related vulnerabilities. Video by Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Sourcefire’s Chief Scientist in the Cloud Technology Group.

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36C3 – A systematic evaluation of OpenBSD's mitigations

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OpenBSD markets itself as a secure operating system, but doesn’t provide much evidences to back this claim. The goal of this talk is to evaluate how effective OpenBSD’s security mitigation are, in a systematic, rational and comprehensive way.

OpenBSD’s website advertises a secure and modern operating system, with cool and modern mitigations. But no rational analysis is provided: are those mitigations effective? what are their impacts on performances, inspectability and complexity? against what are they supposed to defend? how easy are they to bypass? where they invented by OpenBSD or by others? is OpenBSD’s reputation warranted?

This talk aims at answering all those questions, for all OpenBSD’s mitigations, because, in the words of Ryan Mallon:

Threat modelling rule of thumb: if you don’t explain exactly what you are securing against and how you secure against it, the answers can be assumed to be: “bears” and “not very well”.

For example, OpenBSD added last year a MAP_STACK flag to its mmap function, and branded it as a security measure against “ROPchains”. But this mitigation used to be part of Windows until 2012, and was removed because of at least generic public bypasses. It’s also implemented on Linux since 2008, but for other reasons 🙂

All the research done for this talk is available on isopenbsdsecu.re


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GynvaelEN Hacking Livestreams and how stack cookies work

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GynvaelEN Hacking Livestreams and how stack cookies work

Go watch Gynvael’s amazing hacking livestreams: cheatsforwordcookies.com/www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSlJVK8DBiY

Gynvael: cheatsforwordcookies.com/www.youtube.com/GynvaelEN

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by Joshua Drake

With over a billion activated devices, Android holds strong as the market leading smartphone operating system. Underneath the hood, it is primarily built on the tens of gigabytes of source code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Thoroughly reviewing a code base of this size is arduous at best – arguably impossible. Several approaches exist to combat this problem. One such approach is identifying and focusing on a particularly dangerous area of code.

This presentation centers around the speaker’s experience researching a particularly scary area of Android, the Stagefright multimedia framework. By limiting his focus to a relatively small area of code that’s critically exposed on 95% of devices, Joshua discovered a multitude of implementation issues with impacts ranging from unassisted remote code execution down to simple denial of service. Apart from a full explanation of these vulnerabilities, this presentation also discusses; techniques used for discovery, Android OS internals, and the disclosure process. Finally, proof-of-concept code will be demonstrated.

After attending this presentation, you will understand how to discover vulnerabilities in Android more effectively. Joshua will show you why this particular code is so scary, what has been done to help improve the overall security of the Android operating system, and what challenges lie ahead.
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How to Install PS3HEN on Any PS3 on Firmware 4.85 or Lower! | PS3 Super Slim Homebrew Enabler

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PS3Xploit returns yet again with another legendary breakthrough in the form of HEN, short for Homebrew Enabler! PS3HEN works on ANY model of PS3 as long as your console is on firmware 4.85 or lower. This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing 4.85 HFW, a hybrid firmware build of 4.85 which will allow you to install and run the required files. After being installed, this will cover the actual installation of PS3HEN, homebrew installation, and some quick tips on how to use PS3HEN!

Keep in mind this is not the equivalent of a full custom firmware (CFW) or Jailbreak! PS3HEN does not have the full access CFW contains, but much of the functionality people are looking for is readily available in PS3HEN. Not all homebrew will work on PS3HEN, some of it will require either resigning to 3.55 or will need an update from the author.

As a final warning directly from the PS3Xploit team themselves: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ENABLE FSM (Factory Service Mode) OR INSTALL CCAPI ON A PS3 WITH PS3HEN!

How to Install PS3HEN on Any PS3 on Firmware 4.86 or Lower:

#PS3HEN #HEN #PS3Xploit

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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In this video we take a look at privilege escalation, why it’s used and how to do it.

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