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Word Cookies Exploit

Word Cookies Exploit

Coins Hack

00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Start the box checking out nmap, seeing an FTP Server with a file hinting at OAUTH
06:30 – Poking at the login for the flask application (Port 5000)
11:15 – Playing with the Change Password fied, made a mistake which puts me down a rabbit hole
17:40 – Checking the Contact page, seeing we get banned with a XSS Attempt but someone will click URL’s if we send them
24:30 – Creating an account on Authorization.oouch.htb
27:40 – Enumerating the /token/ an endpoint through error messages
30:20 – Using the webapp to give our authorization account access to our consumer account
38:45 – Going through the same workflow to give authorization access to consumer account, but tricking a different user into going to the last piece of the workflow
42:10 – We are now the QTC User! Going into the Documents shows some hints like a develop credential
45:50 – Reading the Django Docs to see how the oauth endpoints are setup, finding the application register endpoint and the develop creds to again access
51:00 – Looking at the oauth authorization workflow again in order to build a authorization link for our new application!
56:30 – Thanks to our application’s redirect url we stole QTC’s token which will eventually let us develop endpoints
1:00:20 – Used the token to authenticate and get our Bearer token, then playing with API endpoints and noticing get_user and get_userjaskldfj both go to the same route. Helpful when brute forcing
1:04:25 – TIL, I don’t know how to use FFU eventually i switch to wfuzz to bruteforce the endpoint
1:08:46 – Got shell on the box, discover note.txt and it hints at DBUS
1:13:30 – Creating a bash script to ping/port scan in order to enumerate other containers
1:20:30 – Digging through the code in order to discover UWSGI and how the webapp sends, attempting to send the dbus message but getting access denied.
1:28:30 – Searching for a UWSGI Code execution route so we can switch to www-data, finding a script
1:38:30 – Reverse shell as www-data returned, doing the DBUS Message again via python to get code execution
1:44:40 – ALTERNATE DBUS Method – Using the dbus commands (busctl/dbus-send) send the message without touching python
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Check out Rediff XSS exploit found in cheatsforwordcookies.com/blog.rediff.com which is based on wordpress.
This Vulnerability was found by Subho Halder (@sunnyrockzzs), Aditya Gupta (@adi1391) and Dev Kar (@devkar25) from XY Security ( cheatsforwordcookies.com/xysec.com ).
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